Social Media Services

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Social Media is the 21st Century’s way of staying in touch and reaching people.

Any business that wants to have an online presence, can’t afford to skip this area.

Did you know? There are 155 million Facebook users in the US. 24% ages 18-24, 23% ages 25-34, and 17% ages 34-44.
There are also 107 million Twitter users in the US and 63 million LinkedIn user 
in the US.

JuJu Pages Social Media Services

We offer a number of services in regards to your businesses social media needs.

  • Initial Set-up of sites on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, etc.
  • Integration of Social Sites and your business web site for automatic content posting across all accounts.
  • Social links and Share buttons on all your website pages.
  • Set-Up and Management of online marketing campaigns with social network sites.
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