Blog Management

A blog is a great medium for personal or business use. However, not all businesses have the resources, such as people and time, to manage a blog the way it should be.

A blog needs to be interactive and updated frequently to encourage people to check back often. This is where we come in.


Blog Management:

Build and Design Site

Create Content

Publish and Promote Content

Comment Moderation

SEO and SE Indexing

Maintenance and Updates

Malware Protection

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Blogs Take Effort and Time

Blogs are different than information web sites in that they are supposed to be interactive, with regular posting and addition of information. When a business decides to have a blog, someone is going to have to dedicate a good portion of their time to manage it–and that takes them away from the duties they were hired for.

JuJu Pages Blog Management

We offer everything your company needs to have and run a blog–without adding a person to your payroll to take care of it.

And for the average person who wants to add another stream of income–without adding another job or learning another craft-This is for you!

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